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Barketing Manager.

Meet Amber, our barketing manager, executive distributor of cuddles and CTO (chief treats officer).

Amber has 28 dog years experience in treat management and cuddle distribution. She has canny a sense for knowing when her human friends need a hug or a helping paw. And she’s a great judge of character. She’s loves floatation therapy - her favourite float spots are riverside gardens or Hillary’s dog beach.

Amber believes in the importance of self care - her favourite hobby is sleeping. When she’s not snoozing she can be found rolling in wet grass, sniffing trees and barking at cats. She loves the outdoors and nature and can be frequently found walking in local parks carrying a stick in her mouth.

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Duty Manager

Meet Jess - also affectionately known as ‘The Tea Lady.’ Jess is the tea maker behind the herbal tea blends you can enjoy at the studio.

Jess is a qualified Youth Worker and is passionate about promoting the mind-body connection to improve our mental health and wellbeing. She started floating 5 years ago and feels that this, alongside a regular yoga practice, was what helped her cope with a particularly stressful career.

When Jess is not managing the studio she is usually hanging out with her cute Cavoodle Scout, and working in her business The Tea Booth.



Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor

Alyce is Clear Mind Studio’s Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor!

She qualified in 2016 with a Diploma in Remedial Massage where she was awarded the ‘Healer’ of her class. Not long after, she went onto and became a matwork pilates instructor.

Alyce is passionate about helping you to reach your treatment goals, helping with your pain and dysfunction and improving your performance. Through pilates her aim is for you to move functionally, become more flexible and stronger.

Since graduating Alyce has gone on to do additional training in dry needling, rocktaping, mobility masterclasses, advanced mobilisation, functional cupping and central sensitisation. She also went on to become a Pilates small equipment instructor.

When Alyce isn’t at the studio, she enjoys going out for coffee and lunch with friends and family or you will find her walking along the beach with her dog Indi.



Massage Therapist

The reason Megan does massage is to improve her clients sleep, relieve stress, increase range of motion and muscle movement, relieving emotional tension and improve quality of life. Megan is passionate about the “feel good” approach of massage, rather than the “pain equals results” approach. Whilst still gaining results.

Megan’s skills include hot stone, body treatments, stretching sessions, deep tissue, therapeutic, remedial and relaxation.

Megan prides herself in really connecting with her clients and making sure they gain exactly what they want and need out of a session.

She truly believes that it isn’t a case of mind over matter but instead that mind + matter being in tune creates overall equilibrium and peace within.



Yoga Teacher: Slow Flow Wednesday 6:15 am and 6:30pm

Brodie first started yoga when she began her career in the FIFO world. She was drawn to yoga from a purely physical perspective as a stretchy form of exercise that would be similar to her dance practice after hanging up her dancing shoes. Soon after commencing she began to realise the real depths of yoga, and how much more than just a physical practice it had to offer. Brodie wishes to forever be a student to yoga, always learning and evolving.

She has now left the FIFO life to follow her true passions which are all things yoga and integrative wellness related. Brodie loves sharing yoga with others and helping them reconnect with their bodies, their breath and to calm their mind from the sympathetic dominance of today. She particularly loves seeing the change in a student's faces pre and post class, when students are in that savasana bliss state.

Brodie will be sharing a slow flow style yoga class at Clear Mind, where she will be slowing down the pace and guiding students through a more mindful form of vinyasa.  

When Brodie is not on her yoga mat you’ll likely find her either in the kitchen whipping up something or studying, as she has recently returned back to the books. Brodie is also an avid lover of Perth’s summer weather, the beach, dark raw chocolate and foreign films.



Yoga Teacher: Nidra Tuesday 5:15pm + Restorative Wednesday 4pm

Caryn is a passionate Soul Coach, Yoga + Meditation teacher, qualified Nutritionist and Tantra practitioner.

Having first discovered yoga over 15 years ago and exploring Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga, Caryn then fell in love with the flowing style of Vinyasa in 2015 as she likened it to a moving, dancing meditation. She then went on to study Tantra, Meditation, Yin and her personal favourite Yoga Nidra.

After finding she has a gift for relaxing and soothing people with her voice (Caryn has been told one of her best skills is putting people to sleep) it is her deepest wish to hold space for you to relax as she believes that this is how we heal.

Caryn is enthusiastic about teaching people how to connect to their innate inner wisdom and gifts, she loves doing the deep emotional work as she believes it can transform our lives and help us to break through fears and old patterning. She inspires others to trust in their higher self and step up into their true potential to live an uninhibited and authentic life and loves to lead by example.

Caryn’s favourite word is JOY and her other interests include running and attending retreats, astrology, cooking, dancing, hiking and going on big and tiny adventures.

Living a soulful, playful and abundant life is her mission and she pours her passion and heart into everything she does.



Yoga Teacher: Thursday Slow Flow 5:15pm + Yin 6:30pm

Carlin started her yoga practice in 2003 when she took an Ashtanga course at 8 Limbs. Since that time she has experimented with a variety of styles and spent time learning from wonderful teachers in Australia, Canada and the UK, giving her a diverse approach to asana. In 2017 she decided to do her 200 hour YTT at Byron Yoga Centre in Byron Bay, one of the best spontaneous decisions she ever made.

Besides teaching asana, the things that make her happiest include movement classes, handstand practice, studying occupational therapy, spending time in nature and trying to pat all the puppies she meets.



Yoga Teacher: Slow Flow Friday 9:15am and Saturday 8am

Kristen is a Registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia with over 1000 hours of training, including Yin, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga. She holds Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice and a Bachelor of Education.

Kristen has been practicing yoga in various forms since 1999.  With a background in fitness, she was initially drawn to the physicality of the practice before finding the beauty of benefits of meditation and pranayama.  She enjoys the strength, flow and balance of a regular vinyasa practice.

Kristen loves structuring classes that support people’s practice no matter what their current life stage.  Her goal is that students find something that resonates with them in such a way that they can implement it in their everyday lives, such as awareness of the breath or a certain posture to relieve tension.  Kristen sees yoga as a holistic practice and a way of living. She enjoys coming away from her time on the mat feeling more whole and centred physically and more connected emotionally and spiritually. She uses the practice and philosophy of yoga to gently guide her through all aspects of her life, particularly in her relationships with others and the earth, and endeavours to accept herself and where she’s at in her journey, flaws and all.

Kristen enjoys checking out new plant-based cafes with her friends and family, hanging out with the family pets, spending time in the outdoors, tending to her growing collection of indoor plants and drinking a good soy chai latte.



Yoga Teacher: Yin Friday 6:30pm; Slow Flow Thursday 6:15am; Restorative Thursday 9:15am and 4pm; Hatha Tuesday 9:15am

Mary’s first experience of yoga was in 1997, when she joined a group of like minded travellers for a class in a loft above the streets of Varanasi, regarded as the spiritual capital of India. It elevated her in a way that she’d never experienced before, and she knew immediately that she was hooked...Mary has been practicing ever since.

For the first ten years of her practice Mary held her yoga teachers in such high esteem, that she thought she would never be ‘enlightened enough’ to become a teacher. Then in 2008 Mary realised that sharing the joy of her practice with others could only heighten her passion for yoga, and that every teacher brings something different and unique to our shared experience.

Mary began training with FINY (Friends IN Yoga) at their training facility in Beaconsfield.  The first time she taught was such a joyful experience and she could now accompany her students on a journey of introspection, inner contentment and serenity, a gift that Mary is eternally grateful for.

Mary teaches with the aim of empowering her students to build a relationship between their mind and body. It is her hope that they come to class not just to follow her instructions but to truly embark on their own journey of self-discovery, to nurture their mind and soul, and leave uplifted and at peace. Mary’s approach is warm and inclusive, endeavouring to meet individual capabilities with a strong focus on alignment and listening to their bodies.

Yoga helps Mary navigate the demands of parenting three boys, being a strong and supporting partner, and facing all of life’s myriad challenges.



Yoga Teacher: Slow Flow 4pm Monday; Yin 5:15pm Wednesday

Yoga has been a huge part of MJ’s life since she was a little girl. When her parents and her moved to Australia, their first neighbours were yoga teachers! They gained MJ’s interest in yoga from a young age and although she didn’t quite understand yoga besides the physical postures, it was something that has been embedded in her mind ever since. MJ knew she wanted to teach when she was older.

The timing felt just right a few years ago to pursue her passion for yoga and here she is now. Yoga has opened up  MJ’s world and totally turned it upside down, helping her to expand and relate to herself even deeper.

MJ loves the yoga community, and being able to share her love for it with others. MJ’s core values in teaching are self-care and kindness, ahimsa (non-violence, in thoughts and actions) and to take life less seriously at times.

When MJ isn’t teaching yoga or practicing herself, she works alongside people to help create a more inclusive community. Her favourite thing to do is just get out there amongst it all and enjoy life with her beautiful dog, Effy.



Yoga Teacher: Hatha Monday 6:15am, Tuesday 4pm + Saturday 3pm. Pranayama and Meditation Tuesday 6:30pm, Wednesday 9:15am + Saturday 4pm. Nidra 5:15pm Friday.

Olie started attending yoga classes in his last semester of uni (double major in English and Cultural Studies and Chemistry). After finding it so grounding and a good way to deal with the associated stressors of completing his degree, he was drawn to continue practicing yoga.

Olie loves to read and write, so the philosophy fascinated him. As did learning all there was to know about the underlying science of the practice.

Olie headed to India to practice yoga and after being there for a few months, yoga became a central part of his daily life.

Since India, Olie has sought to share the feeling of connection he gets from his practice, evoking that state in others to help them come back to themselves in the moment.

Olie’s practice is about using the known of a consistent routine and the unknown of approaching the practice as if it were the first time he’s done it. Olie encourages students to come to the mat with knowledge of the poses and their body, though viewing each practice as something new that requires receptivity and awareness to understand.



Yoga Teacher: Hatha Friday 6:15am + 4pm

Zarelda discovered yoga in her twenties. She went to an ashtanga class purely out of curiosity and it was love at first class. She was initially drawn to the challenging nature of the practice, but soon embraced its mental and spiritual aspects as well.

She can attest to the therapeutic benefits of yoga and it has helped her get through the toughest of times. However, her practice over the years has organically shifted from one devoted solely to ashtanga to one that is more hatha-based. Moving mindfully is important to Zarelda. Which is why she decided to complete her teacher training in alignment-based hatha yoga.

As a teacher, Zarelda is nurturing and encouraging. You’ll always find her calm and composed. While her classes focus strongly on form and alignment, she also firmly believes that a strong core is key for a strong body, and often incorporates core work into her sequences. Her intention is to help her students develop greater self-awareness so as to strike that fine balance between working within their limitations while pushing their boundaries to experience growth.

Zarelda treasures yoga for its ability to evoke introspection. The practice continues to be a form of moving meditation for her, and she wants to share her love for yoga with as many people as she can. She believes that everyone can benefit from yoga; it’s really a misconception that you have to be lithe and flexible to do it.