Extend the bliss of your experience or simply drop in for some peace and ‘me time’. Being able to quieten our minds at least periodically is absolutely essential for our mental well-being and for reducing the damaging effects that stress has on our mind and body.

From the moment you walk in the door you will feel a sense of calm and serenity. Our attentive staff will see to your needs and guide you through your experience throughout your visit. As you pass the the yoga studio you will walk under a skylight surrounded by rose quartz wallpaper before turning towards our relaxation room.

We designed our relax room to provide three distinct areas for clients to experience.

1) The cozy nook (private)

2) The hanging chair (semi private)

3) The Lounge (social)

012_CLEAR MIND_floats and interiors.jpg

Alone time

Feeling like you need a little more ‘me time’ after your experience? Head to the cosy nook in our relax room, pour yourself a complementary warm cup of herbal tea and relax with a book, magazine, journal or your own thoughts. Sometimes after a float or sauna you may want to reflect on your experience and process any thoughts or ideas that came to mind. We love the cozy nook as it’s a signal to everyone else that once you crawl into that space, you can be left alone. Watch as the light filters through the glass into the studio and have a nap if you feel like staying longer. This space is all yours.

wong_stejskal_CMS_004 copy 2.jpg

Quiet mingling

Want to relax a bit more after your experience? Maybe chat to friends or other members of the Clear Mind community? grab a herbal tea and head to the connect couch in our relaxation room, a wee social haven to chat wellness and all things green. Don’t forget to add a note about your experience to our gratitude jar. We love that our clients feel like they can share their stories in this space, it has become more than a collection of furniture, but a social gathering for those looking for more than just their float, massage, or yoga experience.

Access to the relax room is complimentary with any of our experiences.