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Designed for Beginners

Our boutique studio is designed to provide the perfect yoga, mat pilates and meditation experience. We focus on bringing harmony to both the mind and body. You will be guided by our talented and experienced instructors. Classes cater for all levels, including beginners. 

Introductory Offer | 2 Weeks Unlimited Classes for $60


Beginners Pilates Course with Alyce

6 week course | date and time to be determined


Week 1 • Introduction to basic of pilates • Learn how to activate core and pelvic floor

• Learn how to find neutral pelvis and spine • Learn how to breathe the pilates way – lateral breathing • Mobility exercises

Week 2 • Adding in gluteal activation exercises • Adding in arm work

Week 3 • Progress basic of pilates • Standing/balance work

Week 4 • Introduction to support work • Progress abdominal work

Week 5 • Progress standing/balance work • Progress exercises with rhythm and tempo

Week 6 • Progress support work • Adding full body challenge

Suitable for all ages. Suitable for post-natal but must be cleared from GP. Props will be used throughout

Hatha Yoga Class

Medicine for the modern mind. This class is a deep and nourishing practice that calms, grounds and stabilises. Both standing and seated postures govern the time on our mat, with longer holds and work with the breathe to bring focus to an inner stillness that exists within, taking us beyond the external life chatter that goes on around us.

Yoga Nidra Class

Adult spirit naps. Developed by ancient Rishis to heal and expand the mind, this practice can change your life. A guided meditation class in a supine position aimed at moving you through the four brain waves towards the most restorative; delta. A deeply relaxing class that heals and restores a wired and tired system. You'll float out of this practice on a cloud.

Slow Flow Yoga Class

Connection through fluid movement. This class is light and creative, delivered at a pace that allows exploration into the connection we have to ourselves; mind and body. Conscious flow through both standing and seated postures completed with a stable, self-centring energy enables us to rebuild our vitality. Slow down to regain sensitivity to life.

Restorative Yoga Class

Harness a space for ultimate meditation to restore a stressed out system. This class uses mostly seated postures and props to support and guide you into a deeply relaxed state, enabling complete inner stillness ready for meditation. Energetic work and long-held postures, this is a practice to open and heal the body, and leave you feeling deeply restored.

Yin Yoga Class

Re-balance your yang. A class to ground you and melt away your worries. Yin encouraging you to tune in, let go of past, present and future fears and attachments, creating space to be here, now. Long held floor poses with lots of props to support your experience. Bring the body back into harmony by returning you to your centre and releasing stored issues in your tissues.

Pranayama Meditation Yoga Class

Focus on the connection between breath and mind. How we breathe is how we think. A non-physical, seated class encompassing breathework and visualisations to guide you into a deep meditation. By calming the fluctuations of our mind with breathe, we can move to more subtle states with a sense of calm. A very powerful practice rooted in self-awareness.

Mat Pilates Class

Mat-work Pilates is a dynamic full body workout on the mat using body weight and small apparatus. 

Pilates is great for improving flexibility and mobility and for strengthening your body. 

Classes are catered for all ability levels. 

You will walk out of class feeling stronger, stretched, supple and a general improvement in your well-being.

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For any queries about yoga, pilates, or the timetable, please email our yoga studio manager at