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An Urban Retreat for the Mind.

835 Beaufort Street, Inglewood, Perth, WA 6052

Phone: 0861556971

Take a tour of our studio with this awesome 3d walkthrough.

Take a tour of our studio with this awesome 3d walkthrough.

We’ve been floating for years and we love it! We believe that floatation therapy can open lots of doors to your life that would otherwise remain closed. When we have creative block or there’s a decision we’re trying to make, we go for a float to clear our minds and get focus to find the answer.

We’ve had customers that suffer from chronic pain as a result of bad accidents that have told us that after their float they were pain free without pain relief drugs for the first time in years.

If we’ve had a bad nights sleep and can’t focus or feel tired, We go for a float. It’s said that an hour in the float pod is the equivalent to four hours sleep and we can assure you that we feel rested like we’ve been asleep for four hours when we get out - we also have had the best night sleep ever after a float!

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We love infrared sauna! Since we opened Clear Mind Studio we’ve been using the sauna every second day and in only a few weeks people started commenting that our skin looks great!

But thats not the thing we love the most about Infrared sauna - it’s the locking yourself away in the sweat box for 45 mins with no distractions! No family asking you questions, no pets jumping on you.. just ‘me time’ in the sauna! Sometimes we meditate, sometimes we catch up on emails or watch Youtube videos and sometimes we just sit there and enjoy the peace, quiet and heat. We also love the en-suite rain shower and the Western Australian made tox free products. After our sauna we love to put the bath robe on then lounge in the relaxation room. ahh bliss!

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We believe yoga should be for everyone. If you have a body and can breath then you can do yoga! Yoga isn’t about the shape of your body, It’s about the shape of your life. Yoga isn’t about touching your toes - It’s about what you learn on the way down. Yoga Isn’t about who you were - it’s about who you’re becoming. Yoga isn’t about being good at something - It’s about being good to yourself. Yoga takes you into the present moment - the only place where life exists. Come be alive with us and share this journey! All of our classes are suitable for beginners, all ages and all abilities. Not sure what class you’d like best? Try them all with our 2 weeks unlimited intro offer.

Come join our community and try for yourself!

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We believe that massage can not only relieve aches, tightness and increase your range of movement but can also improve sleep, relieve stress and tension and improve your quality of life.

Our therapists are both passionate about helping you reach your treatment goals, whether thats in remedial massage, relaxation, hot stones or pregnancy massage.

Come join our community and try for yourself!