Our boutique studio offer’s remedial and relaxation massage by our in-house therapists. Whether enjoyed on its own, or in a package, its a great way to reward your body.

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Do you have sore, achy, tight muscles? Does your lower back pain or neck pain that’s causing headaches stop you from doing the things you want to do? A remedial massage can help!

Clear Mind Studio’s highly trained remedial massage therapists can use a variety of soft tissue techniques to reach your treatment goals, help with your pain, dysfunction and improve your performance. Please note that remedial massage is NOT a full body massage - it is a massage specific to the areas of issue. If you have more than one issue you would like your therapist to treat then a 90 min massage is best for you.

Remedial Massage addresses a wide range of muscular pain and dysfunction and can help with:

·         General muscle tension and pain

·         Pain and stiffness associated with poor posture

·         Back, neck and shoulder pain

·         Tension headaches and migraines

·         Lower back pain

·         Overuse injuries or injury recovery

·         Aches and pains associated with pregnancy

·         Anxiety, insomnia and stress

Clear Mind Studio has three consultation and treatment options for remedial massage:

·         30 minutes -$55

·         60 minutes -$85

·         90 minutes -$130 - best option if you have multiple area of tension/pain

 The techniques used within a remedial massage to achieve the desired outcome include:

Deep tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension, adhesions and scar tissue by focusing on the deeper layers of musculature.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is utilised before, during or after an event or as part of an exercise schedule. It also helps to assist in the prevention of injuries.

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point or muscle ‘knot’ is a tight area within the muscle tissue that causes pain in the direct area or to other parts of the body. Trigger point massage is specifically designed to relieve the pain and dysfunction of a trigger point by applying a pressure release cycle to the tight area.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is whereby a fine needle is inserted into the muscle to release myofascial trigger points, which will assist with decreasing pain and improving function.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Myofascial release reduces pain and allows for freedom of movement by specifically relaxing and stretching the fascia.

Functional Cupping

Cupping provides a sustained and controlled stretch to the skin, superficial and deep fascia and muscles. Functional cupping uses this concept with static (still) and dynamic (moving) methods specific to sport or occupational activities.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

MET is a form of manual therapy that uses the gentle isometric muscle contractions by the client to relax the muscles.


Use to treat chronic and acute soft tissue pain by applying concentrated microcurrent impulses to trigger points or as part of the central sensitisation model providing quick and painless pain relief.

Mobilisation Technique

This technique focuses on normalising joint range of motion and helps to decrease joint stiffness. The mobilisation technique can be used via therapist hands, a treatment belt or tape.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, massage is beneficial in relieving lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension and ankle swelling. Remedial massage is safe for the mum and baby through-out the pregnancy. The therapist adapts their techniques to suit the different stages of pregnancy to help with the changes in the body and to help you relax.


Rocktape is a kinesiology tape applied to the skin.  Depending on the type of application it can: improve blood and lymphatic flow in the taped area, improve slide and glide between tissue layers, alter the perception of pain and improve body awareness.


There is a HICAPS machine at the studio and health rebates are available.

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Relaxation massage takes you on a journey of long flowing, smooth and rhythmic strokes whilst the therapist uses a nourishing organic body oil. This style of massage creates overall mind and body relaxation, relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. This style of massage is adaptable to a full range of depth and pressure so whether you have a few areas of tightness in your body that need a firmer touch or simply a gentle soul soothing massage you will finish your session feeling refreshed, revived and relaxed.

30 min - $55 (back neck and shoulders)

60 min - $85(full body)

90 min - $130(full body)

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Hot stone massage incorporates smooth heated stones of different shapes, sizes and weights to be used throughout the massage. The stones are both placed on your body to warm, soothe and loosen your muscles and are used in the hands of the therapists along with fluent and effective massage strokes to work your heated muscles on a deeper level without discomfort. The perfectly warmed stones combined with a nourishing organic body oil will penetrate any tightness in your muscles and warm your whole body leaving you feeling content, rested and relaxed.

60 min - $110

90 min - $150