Wellness Trends 2019

2019 is here and it’s set to be the year of restoring, recharging, relaxing and being conscious of our mental and emotional wellbeing. So here it is.... Clear Mind Studio’s top wellness trends for 2019.  


1.     JOMO


JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) ...the opposite of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is an important first step in self-care. By choosing to miss-out on something, you empower yourself and your decisions. JOMO prevents you from worrying about negative hypothetical situations that only serve to make you anxious. It also helps you stay present to work on the things that are important to you. So, when you’re bombarded with social media requests to ‘come here’ or ‘sign up,’ just remember to take a moment to pause and think if this is something you will find joy in? Will this event make you happy?


2.     Digital Detox


At Clear Mind Studio, we did a digital detox over the Christmas period. It allowed us to spend un-interrupted time with our loved ones and we had such a great time because of it. When we plugged back in, we noticed that a lot of other people were also taking a break from their screens and reporting the same benefits. 

In 2019 we will see more ‘digital wellbeing’ apps geared towards monitoring or reducing screen time…HOWEVER…nothing is better than taking the phone away altogether. One of the best ways to digital detox is floatation therapy, where you can’t even glimpse at your phone, allowing you to relax and heal your mind and body.

unnamed 4.jpg

3. One Stop Wellness Shop


As much as we would like 2019 to slow down, we know that life is never that easy. Most people, given the choice, would rather buy everything in one place than shop around, especially if the values of that shop align with the consumer. It’s human nature to want convenience – In 2019 those businesses that give customers a convenient solution to this problem will thrive. Imagine a place where you can float, relax in an infrared sauna, stretch in a yoga class, meditate, then leave with fresh cold pressed juice on your way home. Sounds like heaven. Sounds like Clear Mind Studio.  


4.     Infrared Sauna


2019 will be the year of Infrared sauna -  the most underrated tool in wellness. It’s convenient, it’s relaxing, its healthy, it’s detoxing, it can help with weight loss and it makes your skin glow.... need we say more?  

2019 will see a rise in sauna only wellness centres across Australia, like Nimbus & Co.  By incorporating Infrared sauna with active training such as swimming or running, you can burn calories, recover quicker, and boost your body’s immunity. A source of information we turn to is Dr Rhonda Patrick for the latest sauna research. 


5.     Alcohol Free


No longer just about ‘Sober October’ or ‘Dry January,’ 2019 could see more people go longer without alcohol than any other year. According to HarpersBazaar, guidance on going sober in 2019 has increased by 746% already. As we become increasingly heath conscious and seek out new ways to spend time with our friends, drinking is featuring less and less. Coffee catch-ups, beach walks, running, and breakfast are now more popular then meeting in a bar. How about catching up with friends in an infrared sauna sesh? Or maybe Kombucha bars will come on the scene in 2019. Life evolves, and so does the way we socialise. If you want inspo into living without alcohol @tellbetterstories and @sexysobriety are great places to start. 


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6.     Breathwork


Unless you have been living in a float tank for the last few years, you might have heard about the rise of breathwork. The conscious method of controlling your breathing to change your emotional, mental, and physical state. While it’s an ancient form of self-regulation, new ways have emerged such as the Wim Hof Method which focusses on cold therapy and breathing to overcome life’s challenges. In 2019 ‘breathwork’ will find it’s way into gyms, corporate wellness and fitness apps and we hope to incorporate it into the Clear Mind Studio timetable too.  


7.     Workplace Wellness 


Who here works in an office with no windows, fluorescent lights, and when you leave for the day you forget that it was sunny outside? Me too! That is why this year there will be an increase in employers looking to inspire a healthy workforce. It’s win win…the employer has less sick leave to deal with, and the employee benefits from a healthier work-life balance. More staff are turning to part time work to address this issue, but companies need to step up and identify when an employee is burnt out and promote self-care. This also extends to those running their own businesses…when you say to yourself ‘I don’t have time to relax’ that is the exact time you need it.  We’ll be seeing more workplace meditation and self-care in 2019. 


8.    War on Waste


In 2019 #zerowaste is no longer just applicable to the hippy in the Netflix doco… we’re all doing it! Your gym wear is now made from recycled material @earthandsociety; we’re all carrying our reusable coffee cups, water bottles, shopping bags @solcups and plastic straws now have the same street cred as smoking.   Community groups such as the Buy Nothing movement are working on reducing consumerism and here at Clear Mind Studio were working out ways we can reduce our environmental footprint.  


9.    Brain Health


Anxiety awareness arrived in 2018 and will take centre stage in 2019 thanks to the likes of Perth fitness blogger @themoodlifter, as more of us realise what’s contributing to our anxiety – work pressures, lack of self-care, alcohol and -spoiler alert- our 24/7 digital lives.  In order to start connecting with others we need to unplug from our devices and pull our faces away from the screens.  Take more ‘me’ time and disconnect to reconnect. 2019 will see us taking regular time out for ourselves, indulging more in solo activities such as floatation therapy and meditating daily (we’ll have no excuses once the @amelia_harvey_ meditation app is released!)


10. Men’s Emotional Health


2019 will be the year men talk about their emotions. It’s way overdue.  Especially in Perth, where lots of husbands, dads and brothers work gruelling FIFO shifts and struggle with the transition between ‘away life’ and ‘home life’. At Clear Mind Studio we will be introducing our ‘Beers and Ideas’ group. A social group where men can meet up and talk to each other about what’s going on in their heads, over a beer (or herbal tea). As a FIFO family, we understand the pressures and we want to help.


For all your 2019 wellness needs, join us at Clear Mind Studio when we open.  In the meantime sign up to our mailing list to be in with a chance of winning one of 50 free floats in our opening weeks.