The story of how Clear Mind Studio was born....

This sort starts all the way back in the year 2002 when my husband, Craig, at the age of 16 was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He battled through 2 rounds of chemo, radiotherapy and a stem cell transplant.

Although he's had the all clear for 13 years now, his cancer is still haunting us in the form of fertility...or infertility I should say.

When Craig and I decided to start a family we knew we had to do IVF with his (pre chemo) frozen sperm. I didn't see it as too much of an issue. I was fit, healthy, not too old (at the time), I hardly drank, ate lots of green veg, exercised.... all the right things. This will be a breeze I thought. I even had day dreams about making so many embryos that I could donate some.

Back in reality...the IVF did not go so well. The first round ended in implantation failure. The second round too. In fact we've tried 7 times now. Nothing.

Somewhere around the 2nd or 3rd IVF I was was pretty much the most stressed, anxious and depressed i've ever been in my whole life. Why was this happening to us? Friends were getting pregnant without even trying and I was doing everything I could think of to help, but still nothing worked.

The stress and anxiety put such a strain on my life. The drugs turned me into a zombie, made me gain a ridiculous amount of weight and made me so tired i couldn't exercise. I avoided socialising incase anyone mentioned babies or pregnancy. I could tell the friends who did know about my troubles were tip toeing around me, not knowing what the right thing to say was. I didn't even know what the right thing to say was. My emotions were all over the place and even my husband stopped telling me when a friend got pregnant or had a baby.

I decided I needed to do everything I could to make the IVF work. I began to research more alternative methods. We took a “break” to detox my body. I started seeing a nutritionist. I visited herbalists, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, even my dentist had an opinion. I saw an energy healer, a hypnotherapist, upped my exercise regime, then slowed down my exercise regime (just incase), ate pineapple cores and Brazil nuts, cut out caffeine and alcohol, cut out dairy and gluten, spent obscene amounts of money on supplements (and I mean obscene!), removed all plastics from my house, switched my beauty products to natural and my food to organic, filtered our water, slept next to fertility crystals, massaged my boobs every morning in some sort or crazy positivity ritual, danced fertility dances, lay with my legs up against the wall to make the blood flow to my uterus — and did everything to will my embryos to stick. But nothing worked.

One day I had a mental breakdown in front of my GP. She said to me "you only feel this way because you don't feel like yourself anymore. Everything you do is for the IVF, you need to do something for yourself".

I decided to go to a meditation class. I learnt to breath deep and discovered mindfulness techniques to help me cope with the emotional pain. A friend told me about floatation therapy - and I loved it. It made me feel calm and it made me feel like ME again.

My husband and I always wanted to start a business and we loved the calm way we felt and how much better we could cope after meditating in a floatation pod. We also wanted to step away from our stressful careers and work in a calmer environment....and Clear Mind Studio was born.

During out IVF journey I have learned a lot about myself, I am now able to cope better, I am less stressed than I have ever been and I have turned my grief into a business to help other women breath through their troubles. A space where you can come when you don't feel quite like yourself and you can take time to relax and find YOU again - CLEAR MIND STUDIO